Kids Classes

Kids art classes are open to younger students - age 6 -8 . Class contents include cartoon drawing & coloring (oil pastel, crayon, etc.), watercolor painting, clay modeling* and origami, etc.
Kids classes respect the nature of children, focus drawing and painting skill training as well as fun creativity, therefor children can experience the joy of creativity through learning and playing.

儿童美术课针对6 到8岁的孩子。课程内容包括卡通画(铅笔,蜡笔,油画棒等),水彩画,泥塑以及折纸工艺等等。儿童美术课尊重儿童的天性,美术技能和有趣的手工创造活动同时并进,从而达到让孩子在学习和游玩之中感受创造的乐趣。

Clay models and origami made by Mizy (teach assistant of Mei Studio)

Clay class during winter break of 2016.

*Polymer clay is a type of oven-bake artificial clay with various colors. It is great for making fine detailed small models. The activity provides children with great opportunity to exercise their imagination and creativity, and it's extremely fun!

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