Monday, March 15, 2010

Micky's passion

David Zhou, 8 year-old


corfubob said...

One thing that left me thinking, and slightly suspicious is the way Vivian Chen and David Zhou have filled in the shapes with colour so meticulously. David He's flowers are more typical but still very careful for a 5 year old. Perhaps the teaching is very strict, emphasizing precision rather that 'free expression' Thus is not a judgement since both methods can lead to wonderful art eventually

Mei said...

Bob, it is always my focus to NOT destroy their interest in art while help them to get skills. Vivian is very mature for a 5 year-old in terms of drawing & coloring. David is 8 year-old now so I am not surprised his being better on watercolor painting. I think by mentioning "David He", you mean Anthony He. He is another mature kid who amazed me with handling shapes, lines and colors. He is 6 now.
I do appreciate your comments Bob. Do visit often and have me inspired:-)