Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stephanie Lu, acrylic, 11 year-old

Nicole Dong, 10 year-old

Allen, acrylic, 16 year-old

Nathan Xiao, 12 year-old

Lauren Su, acrylic, year-old

Jenny Xin, 14 year-old, reproduction

Grace Xiang, 8 year-old

Elayna Lei, 8 year-old

Carolyn Han, 13 year-old, reprodction

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

by Vivian Chen, 13 year-old

by Stephanie Lu

reproductions, by Sonya Zhang, 14 year-old

by Sarah Xu, 8 year-old

by Rosemary, 11 year-old

by Nicole Dong

by Nathan Xiao, 12 year-old

Still life, by Jessica Wu, 12 year-old

by Jenny Xin, 14 year-old

by Jenny Liu

Sketch of a hand, by Jason Hu, 15 year-old

by Gracy, 8 year-old

By Grace Xiang

by Gloria Su, 10 year-old

Reproduction, watercolor, by Angelina, 9 year-old

Reproduction, watercolor, by Eric Xu, 11 year-old 

By Elayna Lei, 8 year-old

Acrylic Landscape, reproduction, by Cathleen Chen, 12 year-old

Diversity Means, by Cassie Xin, 12 year-old

By Carolyn Han, reproduction

By Benet Ge, 8 year-old 

Still life, By Adam Wu, 8 year-old

By Ada, 8 year-old

Thursday, September 8, 2011

View of Harbor

by Allen Chen, 16 year-old

Still Life

A Character

Cassie Xin, 11 year-old, reproduction

A Chair

by Gloria Su, 10 year-old