Friday, January 25, 2013

New Students' Works

These are all participants' works of 2013 Scholastic Art Awards. For winners' works, click here.

Cloud Ocean, acrylic, by Jessica Wu
Into the Light, acrylic, by Joanna Zhang, 15 year-old 

Stare Contest, watercolor, by Jenny Liu, 15 year-old

Dancing Life, acrylic, by Jenny Liu, 15 year-old

A Deer, pencil drawing, by Jenny Liu, 15 year-old

Flowers, pastel, by Jessica Wu

Being Forgotten, acrylic, by Jenny Xin

i c u, acrylic, by Maggie Xing
Imagine, acrylic, by Cassie Xin

Self portrait, acrylic, by Maggie Xing

Victory Vote, acrylic, by Jenny Liu

Setting Sun on the Ocean,  acrylic, by Jenny Liu

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