• Class fee
    Regular ongoing program - 1.5 hour per session, one session per week, $120 / month, due every first class of the month.
    Part-time program (for those who cannot follow monthly program schedule): $35 per session, due each class.
    All materials included. 
  • Vacations
    For less than one month short-time vacations, students may only pay for classes they attend, $30 per class, due each class; for vacations longer than one month, teachers needs to be informed one month in advance in order to waive any payments.
  • Make-up classes
    7pm - 8:30pm every last Wednesday of each month. In order to attend make-up classes, students (parents) needs to send writing (email) notice of absence to teacher at least 24 hours prior to classes.
  • Cancellations
    Any cancellations due to any reasons - such as natural causes, teachers' illnesses, etc., class fees ($25 per class) will be credited in the following months. 
  • Drop out
    Students who decide to drop out of programs need to send writing notice (email) at last two weeks in advance. 
  • 学费
    常规学生 (每周一次课,一次课1.5小时):学费$120/月。每月上第一堂课的时候支付。非常规规学生:$35 一堂课。每次上课时支付。学费包括所有绘画材料。
  • 假期:
  • 补课:
    每月最后一个周三晚上7pm - 8:30pm。缺课的同学须提前24小时通知老师,以安排补课。
  • 取消课程
    处于任何原因 - 比如天气,老师生病,等等 - 而取消课程,相应的课时费($25一堂课)将在下一个月中扣除。
  • 退学

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