• Sign up & Drop out
    --- To sign up, contact Mei He (meistudio.artclasses@gmail.com, or wechat: yunyidurham) with candidates’ previous works. A trial class ($35) is optional for candidate students.
    --- Students who decide to drop out from the programs need to send writing notice (email) one month in advance.
  • Class fee
    --- Regular ongoing program - 1.5 hour per session, 1 session per week, $125 / month, due every first class of the month. All materials included. (P.S. Art materials here include materials needed to create art works, not include framing or any type of protective materials, such as varnish, fixative, etc.).
  • Vacations
    --- Vacations include summer vacation and winter break.
    --- For less than one month short-time vacations, students may only pay for classes they attend, $35 per class, due each class; for vacations longer than one month, teachers needs to be informed one month in advance in order to waive any payments.
    --- For students who take more than one month vacation, Mei Studio cannot keep their original schedules. 
  • Class Cancellations--- Any class cancellations due to any reasons - such as weather condition, teachers' illnesses, etc., will be credit to the coming month's classes' fee ($25/session).

  • 入学与退学
    --- Mei Studio 的大多数项目是面向对美术热情较大的学生开设的。申请入学的学生须提供以往最好作品。申请者可以试课($35)。被录取的学生家长(或学生)应及时提供学生的基本信息,包括:学生姓名及年龄,家长姓名,联系电话,电邮,以及家庭地址。
    --- 退学的学生须提前一个月书面通知(电邮)老师。
  • 学费
  • --- 常规学生 (每周一次课,一次课1.5小时):学费$125/月。每月上第一堂课的时候支付。
    --- 非常规规学生:$35 一堂课。每次上课时支付。学费包括所有美术材料(材料指制作绘画作品所需要的材料,不包括后期保护作品的材料和画框)。 每月至少两堂课。

  • 假期:
    --- 假期包括暑假和寒假。
    --- 时间少于一个月的假期,学生可以只付上过的课的课时费,每次$35,每次上课时支付;长于一个月的假期,家长(学生)须提前一个月通知(电邮)老师,以免交学费。
  • 取消课程
    出于任何原因 - 比如天气,老师生病,等等 - 而取消课程,将会被安排补课。

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